Star Trek – The Future Begins


In the year 2387, the galaxy is threatened by a supernova. Ambassador Spock pilots a Vulcan-commissioned ship carrying “red matter” that can create a gravitational singularity, drawing the supernova into a black hole. Spock succeeds, but not before Romulus, the Romulan homeworld, is destroyed. Captain Nero of the Romulan mining ship Narada attempts to exact revenge on Spock for letting Romulus be destroyed, but both ships are caught in the black hole’s event horizon, traveling to different points into the past and creating an alternate reality from the original Star Trek series. The Narada arrives first, 154 years before the supernova, and attacks a nearby Federation starship, the USS Kelvin. As the Kelvin is evacuated, acting-Captain George Kirk stays behind to provide cover for the fleeing shuttlecraft, dying moments after his son, James Tiberius Kirk, is born. When Ambassador Spock arrives 25 years later, Nero captures his ship and the remaining red matter. Spock is left marooned on the planet Delta Vega—near Vulcan—so that he may witness the destruction of his homeworld.